Yoder Works

A family-owned business located in Marion, Michigan (20 minutes south of Cadillac). We specialize in finding and selling discounted building materials, making handmade knifes and other products, and our aviary.

Yoder Works
Discount Building Materials

Discount Building Materials

Specializing in discount building materials including tongue and groove pine, insulation panels, hardwood flooring, and more.

Osceola Knifeworks

Osceola Knifeworks

Handmade knives with unique and custom handles and high-quality steel.

Contact us for details and inventory.

Osceola Aviary

Osceola Aviaries

A dedicated and caring approach to breeding and maintaining birds, including gouldian finches.

Contact us for details and inventory.

Contact us

Please call in advance to verify inventory and to confirm hours before making your trip.
Leave message if no answer and we will return your call.

Shop Address
8651 18 Mile Rd
Marion, MI 49665


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Saturday: 9-12

Tongue and Groove Lumber

Tongue and groove pine and white cedar. Dried, sanded, unfinished and various grades available.

White Pine

  • 1x6 cabin grade // 74¢/ln-ft

  • 1x6 standard grade // 99¢/ln-ft

  • 1x6 flat back, can be used for flooring // (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

  • 1x8 cabin grade // (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

  • 1x8 standard grade // 1.19¢/ln-ft

Insulation Panels

4x8 and 4x12 insulation panels. Both reclaimed and new factory seconds. Various thicknesses and R ratings available.

Factory 2nd Insulation Panels
4x8 panels, R-6.5/in, Foil-faced poly iso unless otherwise noted

  • 1/2" // R-3.25 // $8 ea

  • 3/4" // R-4.86 // $9.50 ea

  • 1" // R-6.5 // $12 ea

  • 1" // R-6.5 // $12 ea (black paper backer)

  • 1-1/2" // R-9.75 // $17 ea

  • 2" // R-13 // $20 ea

  • 3" // R-19.5 // $26 ea

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plywood

Factory seconds, white color 8 ft x 8 ft and smaller sizes available 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" thicknesses available For wash houses, kennels, milk houses, hog barns, horse stalls, etc. Anywhere you want a washable surface. Starting at $1 per square foot. Call for details and additional pricing.

Other Materials

We also stock other materials. Call for current inventory.

  • Mushroom wood (a uniquely weathered, textured, rustic hemlock previously used for mushroom cultivation). $2.09/ln-ft


Subject to availability, we will have special closeout deals.

  • Odd tongue and groove lots available at close-out special pricing. Inventory reduction, must go. Subject to availability. Call for details.

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